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Product name : Quartz ceramic roller
Item :CR-11
Price :

Details :

Quartz ceramic roller of high temperature and cossorion for high-strength furnace 

Product Description


Choosing the fined high purity fused quartz as material, on the basis of introduction the foreign advanced molding and processing manufacturing cline.
Our quartz silica roller is used for the key part component of the floating glass furnace, which may bear and transit the glass.
Characteristic of fused quartz ceramic roller


* The extremely low thermal-expansion coefficient, the greatly strengthened heat shock stability, non-deformation with high temperature

* The high purity raw material, superior chemical physics performance

* The precise processing craft,precise size precision

* The reliable axle neck joint technology


 Main technical specifications of fused silica roller






    Bulk density( g / cm3)


    Apparent porosity ( %)


    Compression strength(MPa)


    Transverse strength(Mpa)


    Expasion Coefficient(×10-6  /°C)


    Surface Roughness(um)


    OD Tolerance(mm)


    Radial Beat(mm)




Properties of fused silica roller
(1) With extremely low thermal-expasion coefficient , therefore it has the greatly strenthened thermostablility dose not distort under high tempereture,
even in the oxidized atmosphere it may undergo the teperature fierce diversification within 1100°C environment
(2)With the fine inoxidizability , the product surface owns extremely durable properties
(3) High-purity of chemical composition ,thus refraining the ingredient of the product and the surface quality from pollution
(4) The extremely ceramic physical properties guaranteed the stable performance under the ambient tempereture and the operating tempereture environment, 
with small size tolerance and outstanding, smooth surface quality , With the reliable axle neck ,the serial number and quality examination report . our products own the traceability

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