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Product name : Flat glass tempering furnace ceramic roller
Item :CR-12
Price :

Details :

Refractory Alumina Furnace Ceramic Roller for Glass Tempering Furnace

Flat tempering furnace quartz ceramic roller: Quartz ceramic roller is one of the most critical components in horizontal tempering furnace;
the selection of roller material decides the performance of toughened glass. The quartz ceramic roller  adopts unique molding
technology, processing technology, packaging specifications, having high density, large strength, high temperature deformation, wear-resistance,
long service life; various performance indicators meet or exceed the level of international similar products.

1)Since its establishment, our company has successfully produced hundreds of thousands of ceramic roller on toughened furnace from all over
the world, they run smoothly, stable and reliable quality, get the praise of customers at home and abroad, form its own reputation;
2) The surface is smooth, delicate, small radial beat; the accuracy is better than other similar products, the glass is not be scratched, no spots, no scratches;
3) It adopts shaft head locking set of structure design and assembly on both ends of the ceramic roller; adopting unique coating technology in the
connecting shaft head and ceramic body, completely solving the problem of loose tube; service life is up to three to five years;
4) Ceramic roller steel surface uses the latest coating antirust technology; according to customer's requirements, we can make color zinc plating,
chrome plating appearance, assure beautiful, durable;
5) Adopting our unique ceramic roller processing technology, keeping head on both ends of the steel roof pinhole to ensure every ceramic roller
assembly in place; easy for maintenance and reparing;
6) Many varieties, complete specifications, we can produce max. 190*5600 mm to min15*750 mm ceramic roller, according to the requirements
of customers, we match various types of glass tempering furnace to meet the needs of all kinds of glass tempering furnace
7) Each ceramic roller are carved on the corresponding inspection number, ensure the quality of traceability, convenient customer tracking;
8) we insist on the idea of taking customers as the center, when having a problem, to help customers solve the problem the first time,
and then track the accident responsibility, ensure customer to give solutions and technical support within 24 hours
9) Our company products have been successfully used by customer recognition and other countries; have signed customers of Brazil, the United States,
Argentina, Japan, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey and other countries.
10) Our products strictly implement the new industry standard JCT 687-2010 standard, passing ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and accreditation
we get a number of invention patents. Quality guarantee: national standard, passing ISO9001:2008 quality certificate,Jiangsu high-tech enterprise.

Special service: 1.ODM&OEM are both ok; 2.provide roller draft, for convienient design and production; 3.Free replacing inone year guarantee time; 4.Welcome your calling if any questions; we'll serve you well in 24 hours;
Package: air bubble film, wooden case

1. Various sizes in stock!
2. Best delivery time


3. Competitive price
4.. Professional process for si-Al
5. High quality with QC attached each parcel
6.  Al2O3: 45--99.95%
7. Raw material from China,Australia,Germany, Japan

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