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Product name : Dry GCP dust collector filter bag
Item :For Blast furnace
Price :

Details :

Dust filter bag  used for blast furnace dry Gas cleaning system


In Sponge iron plant, blast furnace is the first choice to produce iron melt,during this process, there will be lots of gas .


It was venture scrambers and electric dedusting system in the past years, but there was big water consumption and pollutions. In China steel industries, after serval years research and practice, we developped the pulse jet cleaned system.


The general pressure of the BF plant gas is 0.08MPA-0.14 MPA, the top temperature range 100-300 degree.


FMS filter bag is the best choice which used in gas plant filtering and cleaning, this kind filter bag has the following advantage:


1)  High temperature repellent

2) High acid and alkali repllent

3) High velocity cross

4) Low outlet dust emssion

5) Long life use


Our YK brand is a Chinese invention, aimed at our blast furnace dry gas scrubbing technology. we have different type No. depends on different working condition.


Material continuous temp. Description Resistance to acids Resistance to alkalis Resitance to Oxidation PH Value
Polypropylene 90 degrees PP Excellent Excellent 1-14  
Acrylic 125 degrees AC Good Good Good 3-11
Polyester 130 degrees PE Restricted Restricted Good 4-12
Polyphenylensulfide 190 degrees PPS Excellent Excellent Moderate 1-14
Polyamid 204 degrees NOMEX Good Excellent Good 3-14
Polymide 260 degrees P84 Good Moderate Good 3-13
Glass Fiber 280 degrees GF Good Good Good 3-11

Full width non woven production line for series filter fabrics process

Automatic filter sleeve sew/sealing machines

Sew/hot seal automatic line                     Snapring sewing by heavy machine           Test details

sew seal: PE,Nomex,FMS,PTFE,FG        Snap band is the most import to install on     There should be Zero leakage and no 

Hot sea: PE,PP,PPS                                    plate                                                                      movable

Stock capacity to ensure the fast delivery

Stock fabric materials have polyester, PP,PPS, meta-aramid, PTFE,Fiberglass  in different width, max-2200mm to min 520mm, will satisfy all kinds customer request in time and quantity.

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