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Product name : Copper Cooling Equipments
Item :For Blast Furnace
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 Copper Cooling Equipments For Blast Furnace

Copper Stave
Copper staves are made of oxygen-free copper plates and applied deep-hole drilling and automatic welding; Their copper content Cu≥99.95%,
electrical conductivity ≥98% IACS, tensile strength Rm≥200MPa; Copper staves have the advantages such as low thermal resistance, low work
temperature, high heat load etc. Besides of typical copper staves, Huaxing Company also provides design, R&D, manufacture and after-sale service
for taphole copper staves, tuyere area copper staves, copper staves with ledge, hearth area copper staves, and kinds of special shaped copper staves
for blast furnace revamp.


Typical Copper Staves
Typical copper staves are made of oxygen-free copper plates, they have the advantages such as low thermal resistance, low work temperature,
high heat load and low thermal loss etc., and provide reliable basis for realizing the goal 15-20 year working life of blast furnace by forming
“non overheating cooling system”.  It’s applied for new built blast furnace and most areas of blast furnace stack without special installation limitation.


Copper Stave with Ledge
For special type of blast furnace, copper stave with ledge can optimize the connection between copper stave, tuyere area and cast iron stave of
furnace stack, can solve the problem of the large gap between part of copper stave and furnace shell, meanwhile, it also can prevent refectories
from slip and prevent gas from over flowing, and provide support for refectories.


Special Shaped Copper Stave
This design is applied to copper stave replacement for blast furnace revamp, which used copper cooling plate or cast iron stave in the original
blast furnace. Huaxing Company can provide more reasonable design and manufacture proposal for copper stave, according to the existing furnace
shell opening and without change them.


Copper Plate Tuyere
Swirling copper plate tuyeres are mainly used in metallurgical and chemical industries etc. They are usually installed in the furnace wall between
furnace bosh and furnace bottom, which are subject to heat washout by liquid slag and iron, and seriously wore by falling heat material, their working
environment is extremely serious. Swirling copper plate tuyere manufactured by Huaxing company, using forged pure copper plate as raw material,
and then they shall become finished products by being shaped specially and welded, and this product has sound water channels structure. Its use-life is
greatly lengthened with assured velocity of the water, which enables stableness and high-yield production of the blast furnace. 


Accurate structure dimensions, good thermal property, dimensions of internal cooling water channels strictly controlled, accurate and steady water
flow parameter; with special structure of swirling cooling channels to intensify the cooling effectiveness of the end; According to the furnace condition
and working environment,  tuyere nose is treated intensively by over laying welding and its wearability is much higher than that of pure copper plate.
Tuyere internal structure is used swirling cooling channel design, according to blast furnace size, inlet water pressure, flow parameters etc. offered by user,
to determine the chamber quantity and the flow area of each chamber, with reasonable internal water cooling channel. Under the condition of guarantee excellent
cooling effect, it ensures the stable operation of blast furnace.


Tuyere Cooler
Main component of tuyere cooler is made of pure copper forged piece, and then it shall become finished product by being shaped and welded.  Pure copper
forged piece has the characteristics of high density, high strength, high rigid, stronger thermal conductivity and stronger heat shock resistance. Its internal water
cooling channel is using scientific and reasonable round type structure. Compared to the casting tuyere cooler with same specification and wall thickness, its thermal
conductivity capability (water velocity) is improved significantly. Such outstanding feature makes tuyere cooler can bear the increased heat flow strength and ensure
blast furnace operation within safe temperature range, when furnace wall erosions and falls off, the tuyere cooler is exposed to the furnace and its working environment is as same as copper tuyere.



Copper Cooling Plate
Copper cooling plate is mainly used in metallurgical, chemical industries etc. And it is an important cooling element for blast furnace. It is installed in the bosh, belly and
stack of the blast furnace. Based on the high thermal conductivity of copper, using cooling water to take away the heat transferred from inside of the blast furnace, to
protect the refractory material of the furnace body. So it prolongs the life of the blast furnace and achieves the aim of high yield and low loss.
According to the user demand and copper cooling plate type, design the water cooling channel scientifically and reasonably. Single chamber cooling channels quantity is ≤6,
double chambers (double inlets & outlets) cooling channels quantity is ≥8, which ensures sufficient cooling strength, and meets the requirement of prolong work life under
the condition of mass heat loading of furnace body.

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