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Author : nickel alloy Date : 9/5/2017 4:32:32 PM



Today We are the preferred brand that customers contact for when sourcing nickel and Alloy, Duplex and Titanium. 


We have supplied materials from Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, N02201,N02202, Hastelloy, Super Duplex and Titanium Grade.


All our deliveries are supplied with full lot traceability back to the original mill manufacturer and detailed certification to comply with the demanding industries standards.


The quantities, size, material grade and mechanical properties vary for their specific applications, our products can be found operating in the following environments....




Ships drive shaft seals


Rocket exhaust systems  


Drive shafts for off road vehicles


Gas turbines blades


Submarine periscope shafts


Power plants (Coal fired and nuclear)


Gear blanks for trains, cranes and armoured vehicles


Parts for helicopters


Desalination plants


Valves for the oil, water and gas


Pump shafts for processing chemicals and fire fighting


Formula One cars


Diggers and excavators


Can manufacturing plants


Confectionery equipment


Pulp manufacturing industry


Frigate steering blocks


Heat exchangers


Pipeline connectors


Railway engines


Slush gate valves for water reservoirs.   


Coking plant convertors


Slurry Conveyors.


Bolting for pressure closure doors.  


Strain gauges for lifting equipment


Hydraulic accumulators for bridge lifting systems


Gas analysis machines


Knife blades for scrap cutting machines


Pressure vessels




Directional drilling parts


Subsea wellhead tubing hangers


Xmas tree blocks


Subsea pipeline connectors




Nut, bolts and tie bars for bridges


If you have a requirement for a forging please contact our sales team with your requirements

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