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Incoloy and Inconel Features

Author : nickel alloy Date : 8/28/2017 8:49:31 AM
 Incoloy and Inconel are the patented products of American super alloy company. They are two different series of alloy steel, all of which belong to Ni Cr alloy,
but Incoloy is a heat-resistant nickel chromium iron alloy, and Inconel is a heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant nickel chromium iron alloy. Both Incoloy
and Inconel are registered trademarks of the International Nickel Co.

Incoloy is suitable for various concentration of low temperature sulfuric acid; at the concentration of 50%~70% (NaOH) in caustic solution, has good
corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking. All kinds of solution and acid Inconel suitable for containing Cl, and the concentration of < 70% caustic and many other media.
Incoloy is a nickel chromium iron alloy designed for oxidation resistance and carbonization at elevated temperatures. Incoloy alloy has many kinds: common,
such as Incoloy800, Incoloy800H, Incoloy800HT, Incoloy825, Incoloy840, Incoloy901, Incoloy925, Incoloy20, Incoloy33, Incoloy, 25-6Mo and so on.

Inconel is a nickel, iron and cobalt based alloy developed for applications that require superior mechanical and chemical properties at high temperatures.
Common Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel alloy; high nickel content of 600 Inconel alloy has very strong resistance to chloride stress corrosion
and fission ability, can maintain the high corrosion resistance and in alkaline solution also has strong corrosion resistance in the reduced state Inconel alloy
is mainly X-750; the gamma "[Ni3 (Al, Ti, Nb)] phase aging strengthening nickel base superalloys.

Incoloy和Inconel都是the International Nickel Co.公司的注册商标。
Incoloy840、Incoloy901、Incoloy925、Incoloy20、Incoloy33、Incoloy 25-6Mo等。
Inconel 用于通常在高温下苛求优异的机械和化学特性的应用而开发的镍、铁和钴基合金。常见的有Inconel 718是一种沉淀硬化的镍铬合金;Inconel 600的
Inconel X-750 合金主要是以γ"[Ni3(Al、Ti、Nb)]相进行时效强化的镍基高温合金等。

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